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The International Virtual Aviation Organisation, IVAO for short, was founded in 1998 to provide an online platform for flight simulation enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby in a simulated real-world environment, in company of other people, flying or providing Air Traffic Control services.

  • Our community already has hundereds of thousands of members from around the world
  • We create and supply the software you need to connect to the network
  • We provide comprehensive training allowing you to develop your skills
  • All our services are free and always will be


Fly anywhere in Europe with ATC coverage or man the station of your liking and provide your services to loads of flights!



Join our training Seminars every 2nd Wednesday at 18.00z. With lessons from fellow simmers, professionals and amateurs of the industry, who are willing to answer your questions and pass on their knowledge and love of aviation.

Training Wednesdays


VFR Training Tour 2017


Αγαπήτα μέλη,

Το τμήμα Εκπαίδευσης του Τμήματος σας ενημερώνει ότι την Τρίτη 13 Ιουνίου στις 20:30 τοπική ετοιμάζουμε το σχέδιο πτήσης , ετοιμάζουμε πορεία στον χάρτη και ανεφοδιάζουμε το αεροσκάφος με αρκετά καύσιμα για την Τετάρτη 14 Ιουνίου στις 20:30 τοπική θα πετάξουμε το πρώτο σκέλος από Μέγαρα για Καλαμάτα .

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