• RFE Athens

    October 07th, 1100Z-1700Z | Enjoy the event prepared by IVAO Greece!

What's a RFE?

RFE stands for Real Flight Event. It's an event where the real world airline schedules of an airport are followed during the time of event by all the participants.

Wide Variety of Flights

Many airlines fly to and from Athens daily. So, by participating of the event, you'll have the opportunity to see different airlines on the airport.

Realistic ATC Service

During the event, all ATC positions possible are staffed to provide ATC service to the pilots.

Different People

Every IVAO member can join in the event by making his/her flight. So, the RFE is an opportunity to meet new people from different cultures.

An unique opportunity

We don't do this events often in Athens. So, don't lose this opportunity!

How can I join it?

Look to the menu above and after LOGIN click over Book your flight!