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The Greek Division of IVAO is one of the divisions participating to the Guest Controller Approval (GCA) program. Effective from July 1st 2010 the following regulation was approved by the Board of Governors)

Rules and Regulations 5.1.7:

Divisions may require members of foreign divisions to obtain a Guest Controller Approval before being allowed to log in on FRA restricted positions. Divisions shall announce their participation and publish their requirements on the division’s web site.

As we are facing a lot of ATC tourism in Greece, preventing our own controllers from having fun or even worse, offering bad ATC services we joined this program.

Requirements and Restrictions

As a general requirement all GCA applicants must hold at least the ADC (Aerodrome Controller) rating. Subsequently all applications by lower ranking members will automatically be rejected. This way we are ensured that the applicant has the basic knowledge of ATC and is able to provide a good service. In the following list below you are able to see which position you will be able to man as soon as you obtain your GCA approval.

In addiion:

  1. Applicants should be able to speak the Greek language.
  2. Applicants must hold no more than two (2) GCA approvals in other divisions.
  3. The approval is given for one year following the time of the evaluation, but may be subject to modification should the foreign division member controlling under a GCA performs an unwanted behavior. Approaching the deadline, should a member would like to renew his/her GCA will have to contact fail to do so will result to the removal of the GCA.

Check-out procedures:

  • All ADC (Aerodrome Controllers) will be examined for proficiency as an Approach Controller (_APP) in LGRP
  • All APC (Approach Controllers) will be examined for proficiency as an Approach Controller (_APP) in LGAV
  • All ACC (Center Controllers) will be examined for proficiency as a Center Controller (_CTR) in LGGG_E/W_CTR or LGMD_E/W_CTR

Note that:

  1. LGAV – Athens Eleutherios Venizelos Airport Positions (DEL, GND, TWR) can be manned by AD Controllers holding the GR-GCA, if an ADC wishes to be granted the ability to man the APP position he will have to go through an additional check out for that specific position after applying for it.
  2. APC (Approach controllers) holding the GR-GCA are not permitted to man the CTR positions by default. If an APC wishes to be permitted for such positions he will have to go through and additional check out for that specific position after applying for it.
  3. ACC (Center Controllers) holding the GR-GCA are not permitted to man the merged sector LGGG_O/M_CTR/FSS instead use the LGGG/MD_CTR, LGGG_E/W_CTR, LGMD_E/W_CTR. If an ACC wishes to be permitted for such positions he will have to go through and additional check out for that specific position after applying for it.

*We reserve the right to ask you to close your position if in case of, Divisional or IVAO Events, a)fail to announce your participation in the relevant thread in our forum for ATC'os for that Event, or b)fail to announce your participation via e-mail to GR-AOC or the person responsible for ATC coordination for that event, or c)do not attend the pre-Event ATC briefing.
*We reserve the right to ask you to close your position if in case of Training or Exam at that specific Aerodrome or Position
*We reserve the right to ask you to close your position if you do not respect the Division procedures.

We strongly urge you having a briefing session before applying for GCA and if it is practical for you observe an experienced controller doing his work in Greece. This way you can have far better chances of getting your GCA faster when you apply for it. If we judge that a training is required before or after you get your GCA we will do our best to bridge that gap. If you reject the training suggestions we will have to cancel the GCA application or revoke the status.

Requesting yout GCA

When you are ready to request your GCA please send an email to and carbon copy to

Your email has to contain the following:

  • Name and VID,
  • Tell us why you wish to control in Greece,
  • Any experience you might have within Greece,
  • Date proposals for Training and or Check-out.

After receiving your e-mail we will have to check your profile and coordinate a session for Training or Check-out.  Note here that a clean suspension record is in your favour.

Maintaining GCA

After receiving your GCA you will be able to apply for ATC positions at events regularly hosted and posted in our forums, website and social media, make sure you check those out and apply as often as you can. Control in Greece as much as you can to maintain your proficiency. Validity status of the GCA is 3 months and is automatically renewed if you man a station for at least 30 minutes within that period and by participating an event during that period. Beyond that 3 month period the GCA status is revoked and you will have to reapply for GCA.

Please realize that GCA is a granted status from the Greek division and it still can be revoked after you obtain it, therefore we have to ask you always to:

  • Comply with the rules and regulations of IVAO
  • Respect and apply local procedures
  • Be friendly to adjacent ATCs and pilots that you may encounter
  • Control at your home division for half of the time you spend controlling with us
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