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C-130H Hercules








The C-130 is a four-engine cargo airplane, which is capable of executing various missions. It is one of the most important US aircraft and it is in service in about 40 countries due to its resilience and reliability. The Hellenic C-130s carry out the majority of the air transportations in Greece and are also deployed in humanitarian and fire fighting missions. The C-130 has been in service in the Hellenic Air Force for many years (since1975). Hellenic C-130s belong to the 356 Squadron «Hercules», which is based in Elefsis airport (112 Combat Wing). They wear the four-color «Vietnam» camouflage.


  • Crew: 5

  • Engine: C-130B Allison T-56-A7, C-130H Allison T-56-A-15, 4,058 hp.

  • Wing Span: 40.4 m

  • Length: 29.8 m

  • Maximum Speed: 621 km/hour

  • Service Ceiling (loaded): 7.000m or 23,000 ft

  • Service Ceiling (empty): 10.000m or 33,000 ft

C-27J Spartan








12 airplanes have been bought and most of them have already been delivered. The C-27s is operating from the 354 Squadron «Pigasos», which stopped its operations in late 1970s. The legendary Noratlas airplanes, which carried out the «Niki» mission in Cyprus in July 1974, a few days after the Turkish invasion, belonged to 354 Squadron. The Hellenic C-27J Spartans wear a single-colour gray camouflage.


  • Crew: 3

  • Engine: 2 Rolls Royce AE 2100D2 turboprops

  • Wing Span: 28.70 m

  • Length: 22.70 m

  • Maximum Speed: 602 km/hour

  • Service Ceiling: 9.150m or 30.000 ft












The Erieye EMB-145H AEW&C is an airborne Command and Control Platform (Command & Control – C2) with the capability of participation in air and surface operations.

Hellenic Air Force has four (4) aircrafts that belong to 380 AEW&C SQN. (Airborne Early Warning & Control).

The EMB-145H AEW&C can perform the following missions:

  • Creation of Recognized Air and Surface Picture (RASP).
  • Data exchange (via DATA LINK & VOICE) with Air Defence and naval units.
  • Control fighters and Support to joint mixed operations.
  • Support to emission control procedures (Emission Control – EMCON).
  • Collection and reduction of Electronic Intelligence (ELINT).
  • C/SAR support.


  • Crew: 7 (2 Flight Crew και 5 Mission Crew).

  • Platform Constructor: EMBRAER.

  • Mission System Constructors: SAAB, THALLES, Electronica SPA.

  • Engines: 2 Turbofan ROLLS ROYCE, type AE3007A1P, thrust 2×8169 lb

  • Span: 21 m

  • Length: 30 m

  • Height: 7,22 m

  • Ceiling: 30000 ft

  • Maximum Speed: 0.75 Mach.







VIP Passenger Aircraft

The Hellenic Air Force operates two types . The EMB-135LR with a 35 passenger capacity and the EMB-135BJ LEGACY with a 15 passenger capacity

Technical Specifications EMB-135LR:
  • Crew : 5 (Pilot – Copilot – Engineer – Flight Attendant)

  • Manufacturer : EMBRAER

  • Engines : 2 Turbofan ROLLS ROYCE, model AE3007A1P, with 2×8169 lb of thrust

  • Wing Span : 20,04 m

  • Length : 26,33 m

  • Ceiling : 37000 ft

  • Maximum Speed: 0,78 Mach

Technical Specifications EMB-135BJ LEGACY
  • Crew : 5 (Pilot – Copilot – Engineer – Flight Attendant)

  • Manufacturer : EMBRAER

  • Engines : 2 Turbofan ROLLS ROYCE, model BR700-710A1-10, with 2×14700 lb of thrust

  • Wing Span : 21,17 m

  • Length : 26,33 m

  • Ceiling : 39000 ft

  • Maximum Speed: 0,78 Mach

Gulfstream V








VIP passenger aircraft


  • Crew: 4 (pilot – copilot – engineer- flight attendant)

  • Manufacturer: Gulfstream

  • Engines: 2 Rolls Royce BR700-710A1-10 turbofans

  • Thrust: 2×14700 lb

  • Wing span : 93.45 ft

  • Length: 96.4 ft

  • Ceiling: 51000 ft

  • Max speed : 0.88 Mach


P3B - Orion








The Ρ-3Β Orion is a long-range, four-propellar aircraft which greately cooperates with the navy.

It originates from the United States and its true purpose is to detect ships, submarines and mines. Although it was first launched in the 1960s, it still remains up until today as one of the most trustworthy aircrafts for the job.

Greece received six (6) used P-3s from the United States between 1996-1997, which replaced the HU-16B Albatross.

The aircrafts are grey and they are handled and maintained by the 353 Naval Cooperation Squadron, which consists of staff from the Hellenic Air Force and Navy.

The aircraft’s capabilities, including antisubmarine warfare, maritime research and monitoring and naval support, outdo those of the Albatros, which it replaced.

Its equipment consists of tactical-navy AN/ ASN-124 systems, audio processing devices, ESM and electronic self-protection systems. It is capable of transporting equipment weighing up to 10 tons, including conventional weapon loads such as the Mk 46 Mod.5 submarine torpedos and Mk 55 mines. Although the P-3B weapons and equipment systems are satisfactory to the current needs of the Hellenic Armed Forces, there are constant considerations for upgrades, based on the experience of the USN, which constantly applies new modernization standards.

Technical Characteristics/Performances:

  • Staff: 8 (3 Aviators and 5 naval staff members)

  • Motor: Allison T-56-A-14 with 4.910 hp power

  • Wingspan: 30.37 m

  • Length: 35.61 μ

  • Maximum speed: 411 nodes

  • Maximum height: 8. 625 m




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