Dear members, friends of the Hellenic Division

We would like to welcome you to our new divisional tours, IFR, VFR and FLOAT.

For the first time in our our Division we tried to make some improvements in regard to our Tours. If you want to "fly" these tours like you were doing until now, there is nothing more you have to do, other than what you were doing until now for any other Tour, just use our MODA system and follow the usual procedures. For each Tour you complete, you will be awarded with the respective award for this Tour.

For those of you who would prefer something more challenging, we offer you a different prospect, an innovation created by our Divisional WM Makis Giantsidis, an external client called FSLegs. This client (no need to install, just run it) is designed to guide you through the tour legs, record your flight, count the points of each successful task assigned by the client and then sum those points up in order to determine if you are entitled for the respective Tour award. In addition to that, the client is designed in a way that if you decide to "fly" all three tours (IFR, VFR and FLOAT) it sums all the points and if you have successfully completed all tasks in all three tours you will be awarded with an extra award, the Pilot Skill award.

How to use the client, just read the manual provided, when you download it.

All question in regard to the the Tours and the client, pls refer to this link.

NOTICE Even though you are using the client, still you have to report each leg to our MODA system.

Each leg has a limitation regarding loaded fuel. The choice of aircraft is up to you, but you have to take into account the fuel burn of your selected aircraft and its speed. We have thoroughly tested each leg and you can rest assured that the fuel is sufficient for each leg.

How the awards system work. Each leg has two point systems defined by the points summed when meeting the above criteria. These points are Total points and Success points. Total points is achieved by completing the 100% of the tasks when Success points derive by the overall difficulty of each leg (example a generally more linear leg is easier than one that requires some extra navigation skills and thus the easier legs will require more points to be considered as a success).
Each Tour consists of Success points and Pilot Skill points. Success points are predefined and if your selection of legs result into sum points being grater than that number, it will be considered successful. Pilot skill points are something unique and predefined as well, difference is that these points will require you to apply precise navigation and careful fuel planning and minimum fuel consumption.

General Rules of the Tours:

  • You must start a leg on departure airport ,
  • You must end a leg on arrival airport ,
  •  You can fly a leg as many times as you want,
  •  At the end of a leg you can decide to upload the result if you want,
    (to be able to upload a completed leg you must gather the minimum points assigned for that leg, if you are using the client)
  •  Only the latest uploaded Leg will count,
  •  It’s not necessary to fly all legs, or in a sequence,
  • A leg will only be accepted if flown online at IVAO network,
  • Maximum disconnection time allowed is 20 minutes
  • After completing a leg you need to submit it via

    Website tour name to corresponding IVAO tour system name:

    IFR tour - 
    VFR tour - 
    FLOAT tour - 


Available points & badges:

In each tour there are (if you use the client)

  • Success points
  • Maximum points
  • Pilot Skill points


Badges (only for those who use the client)

  • To receive a badge of a tour you must have a total points (not less than) of at least the success points
  • To receive the Pilot Skill badge you need to get at each tour the minimum Pilot Skill points of those tours.


Leg Restrictions:

General restrictions:

  • Maximum Fuel,
  • Restrictions regarding navigation,
  • Altitude,
  • Direction,
  • Speed


  • Minimum points for success,
  • Minimum Pilot Skill points,
  • Maximum points available


Required knowledge basics:

  • Aircraft fuel management,
  • Navigation,
  • Orientation 

Download FSLEGS

 Have fun flying around Greece!!